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How it all started

ARCHCOPY STUDIO is the brainchild of Lewis Wilson, former Managing Editor (for 5+ years) of IGS Magazine, a global publication focused on architecture, façade engineering and architectural glass. Having written and collaborated with some of the world’s most renowned industry leaders, he opened the studio to expand on the mission to directly help the industry share their work and ideas. Today, he leverages his disciplinary expertise, background in architecture and construction journalism, and knowledge of commercial copywriting to help firms of all sizes win projects, earn recognition, and gain new clients.

What makes us tick, and your writing sing

From capturing attention to inspiring action and igniting growth, we craft clear and concise copy that achieves your goal. How do we do this? Our writing is grounded in the science of strategic research, proven formulas and sales psychology. But when you stir in creativity - that's when the magic happens! We truly learn to understand you and your company, so that when it comes to writing and producing content, so will your future clients. We are proud to share the stories of how architecture and construction make a difference in the world - let us make your story heard too.

Why ARCHCOPY STUDIO? Because we are...


We love what you do. We believe in the power and effect architecture and construction has on contributing to a better, more sustainable and inclusive world. Our passion lies in in the storytelling of your contribution to this.


We have 5+ years in sales, marketing, and communications within the architecture and construction industry, writing and editing for some of the most renowned firms across the globe.


Unlike other 'one-stop-shop' copywriting agencies, we only write about architecture and construction. No health and beauty tips or sleezy sales speil for 6-pack abs in 7 days. We stick to what we know, and that's why we are experts in our craft.


When you're balancing client meetings, project work, and everything else that comes with running a successful business, we're betting that copywriting isn’t high on your list of priorities. Our processes are streamlined to your schedule so that you can focus on what you need to do.


Not only do we continuously hone the craft of writing, we devour knowledge on current architecture and construction trends, news and events (daily!). When it comes to writing for you, we know how to craft concise copy that resonates with what your clients need today.

Now you've got to know us...